What Are Recycled Woven Labels?

Recycled Woven Labels

Angelaccs is the earliest recycled woven labels supplier in China, Our recycled woven labels are made out of 100% recycled polyester threads, this environmentally-friendly recycled polyester thread meets the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Our recycled woven labels are GRS & OEKO-TEX Standard certified. The labels are fully custom made to your requirements and the look does not differ from regular woven labels. Recycling polyester woven labels are available in a choice of 40 colourways (maximum 8 colours per label) in a wide variety of sizes, folds and finishing options. Minimum Order is 1,000pcs.

One hundred and fifty plastic bottles make approximately 10,000 labels. This means that for every 66 labels produced, one plastic bottle is saved from landfill, or from damaging the wider environment like our oceans.

Recycled Woven Labels
Recycled Woven Labels Manufacturing Process
Our Recycled Woven Labels Manufacturing Process

STAGE 1: The plastic bottles are collected from recycling plants, laundered, sorted and crushed into balls.

STAGE 2:  The balls are then soil into small flakes, rinsed again and warmed.

STAGE 3: The flaked turn out to be molten plastic, which is going to be extruded at high pressure into yarn.

STAGE 4: The yarn is colored making use of water-centered dyes, and accustomed to make our woven labels !



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