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Custom Elastic Band

Elastic band is also known as an elastic thread, rubber band thread, the thin elastic band can be used as the bottom line of clothing accessories, elastic band has lots of give without obtaining loose. Additionally, the elastic band attributes outstanding memory so it won’t get stretched out as time go on because of interwoven strands of rubber as well as synthetic threads. As a result of its own flexing capacities, it is suited for underclothes, trousers, little one garments, sweatshirts, activewear, rhyming garments, wedding celebration outfits, T-shirts, hats, breast supports, face masks, and other apparel products. It can easily additionally be actually made use of as a hangtag line, day-to-day needs trades adornments, playthings, stationery, and also DIY handmade product line.

Being a leader in this industry, Angelaccs has extensive experience and knowledge in manufacturering any type of elastic band. Check out our selection of elastic bands to find the right ones for you such as jacquard elastic band, woven elastic band, elastic waist support belt, fold over elastic ribbon, fold over elastic band, etc.

We can custom elastic band in any width, any grain, any materail and color you need. There is also a wide range of colors to choose from such as white elastic band, black elastic band, gold elastic band, sliver elastic band, blue-white elastic band, colored elastic band, etc. We use advanced technology and processes in elastic band production like woven elastic band, knitted elastic band, braided elastic band, and more. Let Agnelaccs custom your particular needs. Message us today!

Product By Features

Jacquard Elastic Band For Underwear

Jacquard elastic band can be nylon, cotton, spandex, Lycra and other materials. We customize elastic bands with the name of your brand, logo or any inscription or patterns you want.

Embossed Elastic Band

Embossed elastic band may be personalized with an embossed printing of provider logo design or even along with a pattern designed through the client.

mercerized elastic band

Mercerized elastic bands in various colors for a wide range of applications: white elastic bands, black elastic bands, and more colours. Surface silk is delicate, smooth. soft back can be friendly to the wearer’s body,

silicone elastic band

Silicone gripper elastic band is made from polyester and epoxy resin, has excellent stretchability, durability, sturdiness, available in different colors, sizes, designs, suitable for patterns. trousers, swimwears, knee brace, gowns, sportswear, belts of skiwear, etc.

pinted elastic waistband

We have a large selection of elastic bands printed with the most morden patterns: pet, children’s, ethnic, polka dot , logo patterns and many more. These printed elastic waistband can make your clothes more attractive to end shopper.

fish silk elastic band

Really good flexibility, excellent toughness, no irritation, no itchiness, no dangerous materials. It is applicable to the tightness of the waist of medical devices and the elastic material of tight corsets.

Product By Weaving Methods (3)

  • Braided Elastic Band

    Braided elastic band is usually treatments that require better quality material in slim widths. Our braided elastic band made up of industrial toughness latex rubber with a thread covering (cotton elastic, polyester elastic or even nylon elastic). Despite the covering material, all braided elastic band conducts the same; it acquires narrower when extended, yet consistently comes back to regular measurements because of its excellent extent recognition.

  • knit elastic band

    Knitted elastic band is not heading to tighten when it is flexed mostly since it does not have as a lot rubber or thread in the item as a braided elastic band or woven elastic band. This adds to the price efficiency of knitted elastic band. Among all flat elastics bands, knitted elastic band could be created the quickest which converts to the fastest creation preparation for production of big volumes. Due to its prevalent use in the fashion industry and clinical industry(requiring latex free elastic).

  • woven elastic band

    Due to the exact nature of its construction, woven elastic band is a high-strength component that bends and relocates with everyday usage, but will definitely not tighten when extended. With double the volume of flexible component, woven elastic band is actually without a doubt the greatest option when stretch is necessary. That additional material either a rayon or a cotton woven elastic band also equates to more significant strength and also durability.

Product By Functions (9)

Product Feature Box


20 years experience in the webbing production industry, professional and focused. Improved machines and equipments for the production.


ISO9001, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GRS, FSC, GOTS, BSCI for the quality policy. Customized quality yarns like cotton, nylon, polyester. Ecological management, color fastness 4 above, sturdy.

Competitive Price
Competitive Price

Huge range production and well-trained workforce enhances productivity greatly. Leaning Production and an extensive collection of articles will be greatly enhance our competitive.

Highly Customizable
Highly Customizable

Multiple elastic bands concepts are available, depending on requirement applications. A wide variety of different designs, sizes, colors, finishes and materials are highly customizable.

High-Grade Materials

Our elastic ribbons comes with the options of latex & latex free elastic, made from various material such as polyeaster, nylon, cotton, spandex, Lycra or rubber at high quality, for different application such garment, handbag, shoes, sports, medical usage etc.

Material selections are particularly compatible with elastic ribbon techniques. Our knowledgeable staff help you make optimal material selections that meet your needs for performance, compliance, supply chain, and sustainability.

High-Grade Materials
manufacturing techniques

Manufacturing Techniques

It can be divided into the following categories according to different manufacturing techniques:

1. Braided elastic band
It is also called spindle braided elastic band. The warp is braided through spindle webbing around rubber wire in a “8” shaped track. The belt pattern is herringbone, with a width of 0.3~2cm.

2. Woven elastic band
It is made of cotton or chemical fiber as warp and weft yarn, interwoven with a group of rubber filaments (latex filaments or polyurethane filaments) according to certain rules.

3. Knitted elastic band
It is knitted by the method of warp knitting and weft insertion. Under the effect of crochet needle or tongue needle, the warp is sleeved to form a knitting chain, and the weft is lined at the side of each knitting chain to connect the loose knitting chains into a belt. The rubber yarn is covered by the knitting chain, or is clamped by two sets of weft threads.

Choose Angelaccs to Custom Elastic Band

custom elastic band
custom elastic ribbon

Angelaccs is a leading elastic ribbons supplier and manufacturer in China. Specialists as a manufacturer and producer of unique R&D, production, and sales of the elastic ribbons. Our rich skill allows us to deliver the finest products in the market and supply the best possible consumer experience.

Equipped with high-tech machines and advanced techniques, Angelaccs can produce extremely complex patterns and designs of elastic ribbons with exact accuracy and tight tolerances.

Let Angelaccs support your custom elastic ribbons journey. We promise to do our best in upgrading and elevate your brand. Contact now!

Manufacturing Process

The elastic ribbon manufacturing process includes steps of
(1) selecting raw materials;
(2) doubling;
(3) drawing;
(4) dividing;
(5) polymerizing;
(6) equalizing;
(7) finishing;
(8) braiding;
(9) distributing;
(10) dyeing;
(11) shaping;
(12) coating;
(13) drying;
(14) cooling
(15) packaging.
By the aid of a modified equalizer during drawing, yarns on a barrel are transversely drawn, speed and tightness of drawing can be easily controlled, cost is saved, and process is simpler to operate; during knitting, a needle is controlled to transversely draw by a computer, thus, knitting speed is increased, and width is increased as well.

OEM & ODM Elastic Ribbon for Various Applications

custom elastic bands for underwear

Angelaccs also designed custom elastic bands used for underwear. These elastic bands are super soft and typically strong enough to hold up an entire underwear. With exquisite workmanship, Angelaccs can provide different designs, widths, complete color selection, textures, and customization options for all elastic bands.

custom elastic bands for garments

Angelaccs keeps the custom elastic band for garments formed in a variety of colors and sizes and are used for different garments, elastic band is comfy and soft to be worn directly against skins, along with flexible, which is exceptional for skin because it does not cause skin scratching or irritation. It will not destroy your skin.

support belt

Angelaccs custom elastic back band gives a very useful support for all people who suffer from problems in the lower back. Bands protect the lumbar area from even very strong stresses that can derive not only from some types of sporting activity, but also from daily activities, such as running, driving or riding a motorcycle.This product can be adjusted due to one or more Velcro straps.

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