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Angelaccs is a prime nylon webbing supplier. Applications include medical tools, aerospace, outdoor gear, safety equipment, home furnishings, pet products, fashion and apparel.

Custom Made Nylon Webbing

Nylon is one of the toughest materials we use in our garments and equipment. Nylon webbing is used throughout the planet for its durability, multiformity, and resilience to the powers of nature. Military, medical, and manufacturing businesses all use nylon webbing when they prefer an affordable solution for straps of all kinds. We provide nylon webbing in various lengths, widths, and colors.

Nylon, a plastic-based thread, delivers some of the most effective performance high qualities our company try to find in garments and gear, including durability and moisture-wicking. However like the majority of plastics acquired from petroleum, creating nylon features pricey ecological influences that pollute the land, water and sky.

We can generate nylon webbing any color or shade upon demand. Please feel free to call our company with your inquiries/questions.

Product By Features

camouflage nylon webbing

This webbing is a solution dyed webbing with the MultiCam camouflage pattern printed over the background color.

mil-spec nylon webbing

Mil-spec nylon webbing is a multi-purpose slim nylon material webbing with great strength and resilience attributes at a reasonably economical rate.

flat nylon webbing

Flat nylon webbing is a powerful and tough webbing, typically used in creating sports products, animal leads and collars, suitcases straps, and seat belt.

tubular nylon webbing

Nylon tubular webbing is generated through weaving nylon weaving threads into a tubular configuration and squashing the tube to form an enhanced dual layer.

heavy duty nylon webbing

Heavy duty nylon webbing supplies great durability without the bulk. Use this webbing for security and rigging tools, jacklines and energy work and more.

thin nylon webbing

The thinner and sturdy webbing construction is required for applications, a thin nylon webbing in 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″ is offered by us.

Product By Patterns (4)

  • nylon twill tape

    Nylon twill tapes range from 3/8 to 1 inch in width, used in many applications such as clothing, bindings, industrial, standard purpose and more. It may be personalized dyed any colors and upgraded with high-performance finishing.

  • nylon herringbone webbing

    Nylon herringbone webbing has a delicate, glossy sense, available in a variety of colours. It is constructed from a heavy-weight product and also it is actually stronger than polypropylene.

  • pit pattern nylon webbing

    It can be used for luggage packing belt, safety belt warning line, belt clothing design and decoration, shoes and hats packaging design, mechanical equipment assistance, cargo binding, port and dock cargo lifting, outdoor sports, flat rope, field exploration, safety rescue and other purposes.

  • microgroove nylon webbing

    Choose our microgroove nylon webbing for bag, clothing, belt, sports devices, shoes, presents, toys, pet products, electronics, medical equipment, baby stroller, outdoor supplies and military field etc.

Nylon Webbing

Nylon Webbing is best known for its superior strength and durability  without breaking and return to its original shape.

Known for being tough and long-lasting, this is actually the exact same material made use of in particular forms of clothing, household pet chains, and also nylon material seatbelt. It is actually also the same component that the armed forces make uses of for an amount of different components.

Most hiking products feature a water resistant or waterproof coating that keeps the webbing from soaking up dampness, and also the product will not vanish when left open to sunshine.

nylon webbing
properties of nylon webbing

Properties of Nylon Webbing

  • Nylon is actually fairly resisting to UV degradation and just as long as it isn’t left behind revealed to the sun for months, you will definitely not view a lot even more than a 30% loss of strength of Nylon 6 and also nylon material 6,6.
  • The flexibility makes it suitable for climbers.
  • Nylon material takes in water and includes in the body weight much more than simply surface wetness.
  • Nylon webbing products are due to a ranking of concerning 7000 pounds per inch.
  • Nylon webbing is long lasting  and can tolerate utmost circumstances.
  • Nylon webbing can also  stand up to temperatures of regarding 194 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 90 degrees Celsius.
  • The sturdiness of the nylon material can help recover stranded can help recover stranded vehicles from sand, dirt, and also snowfall.
  • Nylon webbing will soak up wetness and tend to flex when wet.
  • Nylon webbing will last for a good duration of time.
  • The price for nylon webbing is more expensive than that of polyester or polypropylene webbing.

Applications of the Nylon Webbings

soft luggage

Personal bags that are carried for miles at once, race car driver seat safety strap harnesses, and racing bands are merely a few of the products that it is demanded for.

safety harness

A harness is helpful if you have a defiant toddler who likes to adventure in public areas through running away in a crowd.

military webbing

Owing to the sturdiness and great resilience of a nylon webbing, it discovers its vast use in rifle slings, bags, tents, waist waistband, camouflage print, parachute, and airplane devices.

other defense supply webbings

Webbing is taken advantage of in the industrial-military facility for a range of purposes, including clothing, ammunition, transporting, and fastening.

nylon webbing workshop

Nylon Webbing Suppliers, Types include Flat, Mil-Spec, Tubular and Seatbelt Webbings.

 Nylon Webbing Properties Polyamide 6 High Tenacity (Nylon) Polyamide 6.6 High Tenacity (Nylon)
Tensile (g/den) to 8.3 to 9.0
Melting Point (°C) 215 250-255
Dye Affinity High – dyes deeper than 6.6 High – better fastness than 6
Acid Resistance Medium Medium
Alkali Resistance High High
Specific Gravity (g/cm³) 1.14 1.14
Elongation @ Break (%) 16-19 19-24
Sunlight / Tensile Effect Gradual reduction after continuous direct exposure yet can easily discolour Gradual reduction after continuous direct exposure yet can easily discolour
Resilience Superb Better than 6.6 Outstanding
Micro – Organism Outstanding Outstanding
Wetness/ Tensile Effect 10-20% reduction 10-20% reduction

Nylon webbing is one of the most popular types of webbing on the market for good reason. It is not only sturdy and resilient but also smooth and relaxed. It is smooth and has a very nice sheen. The tensile strength (breather toughness) is 2,375 lbs for this 3/4 inch webbing as well as it is actually around 0.07 in strong. The standard nylon webbing shows up rolled and closed in safety shrink-wrap.

As a result of nylon material being capable to absorb water (extents when damp), it is actually certainly not recommended for use in really moist settings such as stream rafting or in massive rain.

Nylon Webbing Benefits:

  • Excellent value
  • Thick and flexible
  • Soft and hassle-free
  • High tensile durability
  • High UV protection
  • Great for  arts and crafts


A Color for Every Project

The nylon webbing can be found in a 3/4 inch x 10 garden roll. You possess your option of 22 wonderful colors: Black, Brown, Dark Red, Forest Green, Hot Green, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Hot Yellow, Khaki, Light Red, Navy Blue, Olive Drab, Pacific Blue, Pink, Pumpkin, Purple, Raspberry, Royal Blue, Silver Gray, Tan, White and also Yellow.

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