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We are custom polyester webbing suppliers. Polyester webbing is economical and comes in a variety of widths and styles to meet your basic needs.

Custom Polyester Webbing

Polyester webbing is composed of synthetic polyester fibres, polyester webbing has a smooth hand, is high durability, abrasion resistant, resists prolongation in higher wetness uses as well as stands up to UV deterioration far better than both polypropylene or nylon material webbing.

Polyester webbing is a fantastic option for applications that need lightweight strength and durability. Polyester webbing is semi-water resistant which will help prevent mold, mildew and rotting. It is taken into consideration an excellent material for outdoor use and won’t stretch as much as nylon even when wet. We provide standard polyester webbing solid colors or patterns as well as tubular polyester webbing, seatbelt polyester, liftingslings, lashings and 10k polyester.

Besides high strength, the polyester webbing has improved UV resistance over polypropylene webbing, making it a good selection for longer term outdoor applications. Cut and use at any size because the webbing has a sewed design and also will not untangle. The material is actually also delicate so it will stop any type of damage to plant material and is effortless the hands.

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Polyester Webbing By Features

heavy duty polyester webbing

Very strong polyester webbing straps with superb resistance to sunlight and abrasion. Heavy duty polyester webbing straps are appropriate for a selection of applications such as securing bands, backpacks, bags, harnesses and heavy duty covers.

polyester seatbelt webbing

Powerful polyester seat belt webbing strap with great resistance to sunlight and abrasion, typically used for seat belts in road, traveler and industrial vehicles. Various other applications include; harnesses, protection restraints, slings, cots and bags.

polyester webbing strap

High persistency 50mm wide polyester webbing strap with a 6200kg breaking toughness, suitable for ratchet bands and lifting slings. Often utilized in the transport field for getting massive loads.

lightweight polyester webbing

Lightweight polyester webbing strap can be popular for reinforcing, straps and also binding advantages on things like apparel, light-weight covers, covers and slings.

polyester binding tape

Lightweight 25MM soft finish polyester binding with herringbone weave, polyester construction so can be heat sealed, frequently used for binding edges on clothes, lightweight covers, canopies and slings.

mediumweight polyester webbing

This webbing is made of first class polyester material, strong and heavy duty, brilliant color, pleasant feel. This strap can be water cleaned, does not shrink and fade. It is a good choice for stitching things and straps substitutes.

Polyester Webbing By Colors (8)

Polyester Webbing

Generally used in circumstances that need higher break durabilities than nylon webbing can easily provide, polyester webbing has the capacity to secure greater than 3000 extra pounds. One of the much more usual usages for polyester webbing is actually in the creation of safety belt straps. Steel hooks and harnesses may additionally be actually affixed to the polyester bands for prompt make use of in a wide array of circumstances. The moment hooks and harnesses are fastened, industrial webbing awaits professional setup into any type of vehicle or truck. Racing straps utilized in Nascar and also various other professional auto racing competitions are produced from polyester webbing considering that it is actually stronger as well as even more immune to abrasion degeneration.

polyester webbing manufacturer
polyester webbing tape

Polyester Webbing Load Capabilities

The strength of business webbing can also be used to create polyester tie down straps with polyester tie down webbing. Polyester tie downs are generally used to protect big, heavy, or awkward loads. Whether taking a lots of unnecessary materials to a recycling location or transporting components to a building site, polyester webbings may always keep the load in location throughout the trip. Varying width are accessible for your details load needs. Unlike nylon webbing, polyester does not flex or extend under heavy loads. Nylon stretches simply 5 to 15%, making heavier loads ideal for polyester webbing. When picking polyester webbing, width concerns. Larger straps usually tend to have much higher breather toughness and slimmer bands possess much less. Size is actually not a concern in terms of overall rest strength.

Polyester Webbing for Your Applications

polyester webbing for sporting goods

Industrial-type webbing is actually usually made use of safely harnesses, ropes, and also various other functional objectives. Stone climbing is just one of the largest sports-related uses for polyester webbing.

Webbing additionally produces transportation easier regarding pulling and also pulling autos as well as materials. Usual transportation items crafted from cobweb consist of tie-downs, string straps, packages bands, hoist bands, tow ropes, as well as others.

polyester webbing for hardware

Webbing utilized in hardware is commonly incorporated with details hardware parts to create tying component down as well as transporting it much easier. End fittings, bolts, and also buckles are actually regularly connected to webbing to make devices for brackets, fittings, and others.

polyester webbing for military

Army issue items are one of one of the most common usages for industrial-weight webbing. Armed forces uses for webbing include waistbands, packs, bodies for bring devices, and also others.

polyester webbing for automotive

Top-quality webbing is actually utilized for a range of different automobile functions, including creating safety strap and various other safety belt. Window nets are actually likewise typically constructed from webbing.

polyester webbing for furniture

Webbing is actually generally used in couches and other office chairs as a base for the seat that preserves both strength as well as flexibility.

polyester webbing suppliers

Angelaccs produces top notch polyester webbings at inexpensive costs. Our team are also capable of supplying custom polyester webbings to match your business needs!

Strength 9800 lbs per square inch
Ability to Float Sinks
Stretch @ Break 10 to 12%
Stretch @ WLL 3 to 4%
Moisture Absorbency 1% of weight
Effect to Heat melts @ 400 deg. C

Max work temp 90 deg. C

Identification Melts before burning. Forms bead, pungent odor
Abrasion Resistance Good
Working Temperature 8 82 Deg. C / 180 Deg. F
Strength reduction from Water 0%
  • Fall restriction & various other harness
  • Truck connected downs
  • Lifting slings
  • Little one safety and security
  • Armed forces application
  • and many, many others
  • The polyester webbing is very soft and I’m really quite with the color I chose. It appears precisely as advertised.”

  • Great webbing, wonderful different colors and also the freight was faster than I had prepared for. Thanks for being actually such a fantastic seller! Going to create some wonderful bags along with these.”

  • I’m keeping this provider in my favorites ! Amazingly fast delivery coming from China! Beautiful gold stretchy thread at a great cost!”

Choosing Among Polypropylene, Polyester and Nylon Webbing

Polypropylene and polyester webbing are comparable to nylon, but they are lighter than nylon. Nylon webbing is weak when wet and can also extend, polyester webbing is very powerful.

Which product is really good for Dog Leashes?

The best commonly utilized material is actually Polyester because of its strength, safety and security in relations to reflective nature as well as comfortable as pet collars.

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