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We can offer you woven badge, embroidered badge, printed badge, rubber/pvc badge, silicone bage so much amazing styles for your garment branding solutions, without question, it can prmote your brand perfectly.

Automatic steel Badge Production Line

OEKO-TEX® Certification

We are the OEKO-TEX® Certified badge manufacturer in China, STANDARD  100 by OEKO-TEX® is probably the world’s finest-acknowledged labels for textiles marketing buyer self confidence and merchandise protection.

Our official document includes a lot of essential item places and that we are continuously attempting to add more.

Woven Badge

Flexible and soft woven badges express a lot of details and small texts and important readble and details.

Embroidered Badge

Thick and strong embroidery badge gives a 3D feeling and classic craftmanship.

Printed Badge

High definition sublimation printing badge

Leather Badge

Custom design embossed printed logo jean real leather/PU patch for garment accessory.

Rubbe/PVC Badge

Rubbe/PVC Badge can achieve any branding design and concepts.

Silicone Badge

Silicone badges widely are used on outdoor clothing.

Angelacc: Your Custom Badge Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Angelacc has been manufacturing woven badges, embroidered badges, printed badges, leather badges, rubber/PVC badges, silicone badges since 2008. We are proud to be the largest and oldest China supplier of the super quality badges. Our badges appearances are good because of our excellent workmanship, the feel of our badges is textured and skin friendly. We stand behind all kinds of custom badges.

Angelacc has been supplying products to such fine fashion brands as C&A, HUPPA by minitex, SKILA SPORT, LUHTA, Lacoste, Nike and thousands of fashion brands throughout the world.

What is a Woven Patch?

Woven patches are to weave the thinner thread into a fabric with various patterns.


Woven Patch

What is an Embroidered Patch?

Embroidered patches are to embroider the thick thread onto a base fabric.

Embroidered Patches

What is a Printed Patch?

Printed patches reuqire printing a photograph, design or text on twill fabric using a process called dye sublimation. Instead of using threads, the digital artwork is heat-transferred onto the patch.

Printed Patches

What is a Leather Patch?

Leather patches are uniquely shaped pieces of genuine leather or faux leather, embossed, debossed, or printed with names, logos, or brands.

Leather Patches

What is a Rubber/PVC Patch?

PVC patches are made from polyvinyl chloride,  a type of plastic that has a rubber-like feel and is valued for its toughness. They can be molded into any shape , size and color.  They never fade, waterproof and durable and are perfect for outdoor equipment.

Embossed Custom 3D Rubber Label Patch

What is a Silicone Patch?

There is actually very slight difference between PVC and silicone patch. Silicone has the ability to stretch, whereas PVC rubber labels cannot.

Silicone patch material is a little more environmentally friendly material than PVC patch. It really is smooth versus the pores and skin than PVC label as well

Pvc material labeling may have a heating resistance up to 45- 50 education Celsius. Silicon labeling may have a warmth level of resistance as much as 200 -250 education Celsius.

Silicon content label can be adjusted to burn adhesive, whereas PVC material rubberized content label cannot.

Silicone Patch

Angelacc Badge

Angelacc badges factory manufactures verious types of badges, our badges are fantastic precision in fine details and beautiful reproduction of layout and coloring. These high quality badges enable you to keep ideal brand persistence.

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