Experienced recycled leather labels manufacturers in China

Recycled leather label is not only selected for its not only being friendly with the environment and contributing to sustainability, but also be choosed for its beauty, luxurious touch, and value for money. Angelaccs is capable of technology of recycled leather label.

Your Reputable Recycled Leather Labels Supplier in China

Angelaccs is actually  is actually dedicated to sourcing basic materials  in a sustainable means. taking into consideration both social and environmental influences.

With our recycled leather labels, minimizing the impact on our earth is the way ahead for your brand, not only will these be eyes-catching, but also help your item to make its make on your sustainable trip with also the finest details being environmentally friendly and GRS approved. Additionally, the leather used for these recycled leather labels would certainly have or else been discarded,  which heightens your business obligation being used these to decrease the amount of leather that is thrown away.

Recycled leather label is made up of leather waste and plastic bottles with eco pu coating. Recycled leather label is made from reconstituting leather fibers, after after polyurethane impregnation to boost the sensualism of the leather embryo (as same as the cow leather plus grease), and then coat verious grain externally according to the customer’s requirements. Next, the opposite side will be ground to make it like a leather-specific, 100% leather fiber. Finally, tanned into the complete item really feel as customer’s demands, at the very same time, with a light natural leather taste. Presently, the GRS authority has identified the sustainable recycled natural leather item as a kind of recycled leather dedication to sustainability.

Angelaccs will offer you more custom recycled leather label solutions suitable for your brands or business! Please feel free to contact us for further consultation.

Product By Features

Recycled Leather Label

Recycled leather label has a dramatically ecological impact with 5% optimum waste contrasted to approximately 40% waste created when manufacturing a conventional label.

Our recycled leather labels are made by using recycled raw materials. They are GRS (Global Recycled Standard) approved.

Recycled Leather Patch

This leather has been created produced especially for making recycled leather patch fortrousers and denims. It is extremely water-repellent and easy to stitch.

Recycled PU Label

Recycled PU label is eco-friendly, it’s financially valuable: it conserves in between 30% and 50% on label costs.

Recycled PU Labels

Recycled PU labels thickness is 0,8 mm – 1,4 mm. Personalized colours available on demand.

Recycled Leather Badge

Recycled Leather Badge decreases landfill, low natural gas exhausts: up to 50% – 70% of natural gas usage, they are mainly used in hats, clothing, jeans, handbags.

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