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Angelaccs is powerful and professional cotton webbing manufacturer, cotton webbing is customizable in many different widths, thicknesses, and weave styles.

ANGELACCS-Cotton Webbing

At Angelaccs, cotton webbing products are additionally used in numerous industries. This includes not only utility, but also fashion. As webbing is a lot more durable and features improved fabric stamina, webbing is made use of in numerous accessories to harmonize delicate products. Cotton webbing could be effortlessly have various other component sleeved over the webbing, such as silk, satin, leather, and also many others. Through incorporating cotton webbing along with the different materials the finer extra delicate products possess much less wear and tear as well as tear thereby increases the value of the item.

Cotton webbing is a tough, environment friendly, soft tape that keeps its shape well throughout use. Made of 100% cotton natural fibers. Cotton webbing is smooth, flat, strong, non stretch and easy to sew. It is excellent in managing sweat and is an ideal option for end uses where skin irritation is frequent. With a variety of making use of in stitching, dressmaking and craftwork, it is actually always worth having some cotton webbing in your collection.

A big selection of 100% cotton webbings can be found in our company.
From cotton binding for caravan awnings to heavy cotton webbing used for producing belts.
Please feel free to call our team about the cotton webbing you require.

Cotton Webbing By Weaving Methods

cotton webbing

The pebble weave cotton webbing agrees with for bag handles, knapsacks, straps, commercial binding and outdoor applications including pool covers, awnings and tents.

cotton twill tape

Cotton twill tape, plain or printed, in the color and size you want for a wide variety of applications, can be upgraded with high-performance finishing.

tubular cotton webbing

A hollow tubular cotton webbing feels wonderful in the hands and is very popular for the creation of reins, leads, ropes and more.

cotton strap webbing

This satin cotton webbing is woven using very great cotton yarns to give this webbing a smooth and matte finish. An attractive drape and soft handfeel makes this satin cotton webbing perfect for apparel.

herringbone cotton webbing

This cotton herringbone webbing tape is in high of quality, soft and thick cotton, high tenacity, grade A webbing. It’s not easily crimple material. Does not fray easily. Use for sewing garment joint, home textile, craft, bag production.

plain weave cotton tape

Plain weave cotton tape can be used for bindings, connections, bone casing, along with some other application where a strip is actually needed.

Cotton Webbing By Weight (3)

  • lightweight cotton webbing

    This lightweight cotton webbing is light-duty, easy to tidy, that can be used for armed forces waistbands, trims, sporting products, travel luggage, bag straps, canvas bags, animal extras, and also army usages along with other projects.

  • medium weight cotton Webbing

    This mid weight webbing is woven in a basket weave construction. It is actually well-known webbing for armed forces waistbands and institutional belts where reasonable rates is needed.

  • heavyweight cotton webbing

    The heavyweight cotton webbing is very popular webbing for belts, bags, tie-downs, key-fobs, and uses along with other projects. The natural cotton is a wonderful compliment to any kind of cotton canvas product.

Cotton Webbing By Colors (9)

Cotton Webbing Features

premium quality
Premium Quality
great value
Great Value

Features of cotton webbing

The pure cotton webbing possesses good heat energy protection. When the temp is actually below 110 ℃, it is going to only result in the wetness on the cobweb to vaporize, as well as the nylon flexible will definitely certainly not destroy the thread. Therefore, the true cotton webbing possesses no impact on the webbing at space temp, for delivering jacquard webbing, cleaning, printing and dyeing. Consequently, it strengthens the cleaning as well as using protection feature of the pure cotton webbing.
Not merely that, but it likewise possesses exceptional antacids resistance. The cotton webbing has a more significant protection to antacids. The cotton cobweb will not be wrecked in the alkali solution. This function contributes to the washing of air pollution after intake, disinfection and removal of pollutants. Simultaneously, the pure cotton cobweb may be dyed, imprinted and also refined along with various techniques to create even more brand-new webbing assortments.

cotton webbing
green textile

Green Textile Cotton Webbing

Cotton webbing is a green, eco-friendly choice to man-made webbing; made from cotton thread a replenishable source that is actually excellent for the world. Cotton thread is actually also skin helpful, it won’t irritate skin when used in application that are developed to have exposure to the skin. Cotton Webbing also absorbs wetness and also sweat easily and is typically breathable.

Cotton webbing is typically used to create authentic recreations of traditional and vintage extras and military equipment straps. An additional bonus of cotton webbing is that it may be bleached and also colored along with any sort of amount of natural and all natural substances like fruit and berry juices, coffee, herbal tea, and vegetation removes.

Choose ANGELACCS to Custom Cotton Webbing

custom cotton webbing
customizable cotton webbing

Angelaccs is a leading cotton webbing supplier and manufacturer in China. Specialized in unique R&D, production, and sales of the durable cotton webbing. Our abundant knowledge permits us to provide the finest products in the market and give the best feasible customer experience.

Cotton webbing is offered in several widths, thicknesses, and weave styles. It is typically installed on 50- and 100-yard rolls. Our experts also provide custom-made packing when your method requires one thing a little bit of distinct. Our fabric layout team are actually experts in weaving and may create personalized webbing to fulfill your standards

Contact us today to discover even more about the opportunities.

OEM & ODM Cotton Webbing for Various Applications

bag cotton webbing

This cotton webbing is heavy and durable, tote bag features 100% natural cotton cody with soft web handles reinfirced at stress points.

cotton webbing belt

This belt is made from durable cotton webbing and features a metal buckle. Making a cotton webbing belt is as easy as cutting the material to length and attaching a male and female buckle to the each end of the webbing length.

dog leash cotton webbing

Dog Leash is made with durable and strong cotton webbing, perfect leash for training and play. The high-quality materials and construction make this leash built to last.

cotton webbing workshop

We are one of the trusted and reliable cotton wbbing manufacturer.

100% Cotton
20mm,25mm,32mm,38mm,50mm,can be customized
1.4mm, 2mm can be customized
45m/roll,can be customized
can be customized
Bags, garments, sport equipment,shoes, pet products, medical equipment, baby stroller, outdoor supplies and industry etc.
50 Yards
Plastic bag
Inelastic, wear-resistant, environmentally friendly
Free sample in stock

1.4mm cotton webbing

2mm cotton webbing

  • “Exactly the thickness I require and I really was not certain what to buy. However when it arrived it’s best for my sewing machine to go through, as I’m making shopping bags and using this for the handles! Delivering time was outstanding too. Thank you!”

  • “The cotton webbing is actually remarkable, it experiences excellent to the touch. It is actually precisely what I bought and also will be excellent in my bags.”

  • “The perfect webbing for bag straps! Not too heavy but definitely durable. Easy to sew. Charming pastel colors.”

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