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Angelaccs manufactures environmentally sustainably recycled rope and cord from recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. We are committed to taking on and living up to ecological and social responsibility.


Custom Recycled Rope & Recycle Cord

Textile recycling technique, an increasing number of made use of in the fashion business, promotes sustainable development. Our reclyed cord use this technique to restrict waste, by recycling materials and by limiting the power needed for production.

Our workshop supplies several sorts of recycled cord  and also recycled rope from 1mm to 15mm in diameter, made from GRS (International Recycled Requirement) licensed recycled yarns, from 200 meters (by recommendation and color).

For your upcoming project that requires the recycled rope, please contact us. Then, explore how we can help you with your recycled rope demands.

Product By Rope Diameter

Recycled Polyester Cord

Recycled polyester cord in different diameters, colors, and finishes. We manufacture rigid and elastic recycled cord from 100% recycled polyester.

Recycled Rope

Our recycled rope is GRS® certified and great for sustainable packaging, available in clothing, clothing finishes, decoration, crafts, packaging, etc.

Recycled String

A 4mm polyester string 100% produced out of recycled plastic PET bottles. This freshly developed polyester fiber is called rPET (recycled PET).


RPET Rope made from recycled polyester from plastic bottles (GRS). It is widely used for shoes, hats, hoodies, hand holding, etc.


RPET Cord in recycled polyester from 100% plastic bottles (GRS).

Recycled Plastic (PET) Rope

Recycled Plastic (PET) Rope is made using 100% recycled plastic bottle yarn.

Recycled Rope Manufacturer from China

Angelaccs is recycled rope forerunner in China, we produces all
recycled ropes energy positive. Which makes the
Angelaccs an even more ecologically
> 100% recycled rope
> 40 recycled pet bottles for one kg rope
> 100% China product

Recycled rope supplier
Recycled Rope Technical Specifications

Recycled Rope Technical Specifications

Material: Recycled PET bottles
Construction: 16-, 24-, 32- braided
Specific gravity: 1.38 (Sinks)
UV resistance: Excellent
Abrasion resistance: Very good
Chemical resistance: Very good
Splice ability: Average
Wet vs. dry strength: 100%
Melting point: 265 ºC
Short heat resistance: 170 ºC
Elongation (at 20% break): 3%
Standard colours: Black-white, black, beige

Recycled Rope Work Shop

OEM & Customized Recycled Rope

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