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We’ve been manufacturing custom polypropylene webbing solutions in China.
Our range of polypropylene webbing is available in in many widths and thicknesses and weave logobands and letter tapes using jacquard technique to suit the varied application requirements of the clients.

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Polypropylene webbing is available in multiple colours and is outstanding for producing webbing with coloured stripes. It is extremely resistant to chemicals and a very popular fiber. However, it is rather remarkable that polypropylene webbing is not as strong or as wear-resisting as nylon or polyester webbing. Polypropylene webbing is more environmentally friendly than nylon webbing.

Polypropylene is a functional fiber which may give itself to a a wide variety of applications. If neither high UV protection neither high durability components are actually demanded, polypropylene webbing is a low cost solution which can be used in applications such as luggage straps, backpack straps, pet collars, leashes,  harnesses, lifejackets and any other uses for a polypropylene webbing.

As a result of its many helpful characteristics, polypropylene is ideal for both industrial and leisure uses. Polypropylene is light and has a low water absorption rate which means it is highly buoyant. These features make it an excellent webbing for some marine applications. Polypropylene can also be used in some lighter weight lifting applications.

Contact us today with the details of your project and one of our experts can help you choose the right material with respect to width and break strength.

Product By Features

plain polypropylene webbing

Quality plain polypropylene web is suitable for making collars, leads and headcollars for cows, horses, alpacas, sheep, dogs and other farm animals. Available in a number of bright colours and widths.

Herringbone Polypropylene Webbing

Herringbone polypropylene webbing has the typical weaving pattern which corresponds to seat belt webbing. Made from polypropylene material which is sturdy and resistant. It is simple to sew. Ideally fit for straps, furniture and many more.

lightweight polypropylene webbing

Light weight polypropylene webbing is an extremely versatile webbing that is actually offered in many widths and colors. This webbing is frequently used for pet items, lanyards, binding, handles & straps for bags.

heavyweight polypropylene webbing

Excellent strapping product for all general purpose applications. Material is actually typically considered the handle on satchels or the bands of a knapsack.

nylike polypropylene webbing

Nylike polypropylene webbing is wonderful for various outside activities, used for rafting straps, camping items bands, bag straps, bag bands, purses, as well as a lot more projects.

polypropylene webbing

High Tenacity FIBC Polypropylene Webbing is ideal for equestrian accessories, pet collars and leads, bags and backpacks, and clinical or orthopedic accessories.

Product Feature Box

factory price
Factory Price

We are professional polypropylene Webbing manufactuer in China, the best price and quality you will get, please contact us.

custom service
Custom Service

Our polypropylene Webbing support OEM and custom design. If you have more good idea please contact us now, the surprise you will get.

fast delivery
Fast Delivery

We can supply all kinds of transportion to shipping such as express, airline, sea line.

in stock
In Stock

We have many polypropylene webbings in stock if you have an interesting in it, just let us know it.

Polypropylene Straps for Medical Applications

Polypropylene medical straps may be discovered on gurneys and also stretchers. These bands are actually utilized to store a person or even item in location that demands lesser pressure strengths. For example, the normal person weighs about 150 pounds. Polypro has the break durability of approximately 150 extra pounds, however in conditions requiring a break toughness that is actually a lot higher, like supporting structure components in position, polypro would certainly not be actually the ideal selection. Lower abrasive strength also confines the conditions through which polypropylene webbing need to be used. If the strap will certainly come in exposure to a rough component, decreased containing capability will certainly take place. This can create polypro straps to crack quicker. Polypro supplies organic UV protection, creating exterior make use of best. The material performs not soak up water, so mildew and mold and also rot are certainly not a complication with polypro webbing.

polypropylene straps
polypropylene strap

Polypropylene Webbing for Bags and Tents

Outworkers usually use polypropylene webbing to switch out camping tent straps or link down bands that do not require high break strength. While all polypropylene commercial webbing provides reduced strength, various levels are accessible relying on the necessities of the consumer. Polypropylene webbing can be created in lightweight, medium-weight, heavyweight, and high tenacity varieties. As the width and gauge of the strap get larger, the break strength will increase. Polypropylene webbing is not as bend resisting as rayon, so heavier weights may cause the webbing to flex or stretch. Heavy weight polypropylene webbing can possess a break strength of up to 1800 pounds. Light weight polypropylene webbing normally breaks at 375 to 750 pounds. Polypropylene webbing could be made use of in situations where high temperatures are consistent due to its high melting point of 340 degrees F.

Quality Polypropylene Webbing Manufacturer

polypropylene webbing workshop
polypropylene straps workshop

Polypropylene Webbing is a China-based, global manufacturer and supplier of superior high-quality polypropylene webbing solutions–from light to heavy industrial webbing. Our expertise and experience, together with great production capacities, permits us to make a complete range of polypropylene webbing products that fulfill and exceed the requirements of our customers, while sticking to strict local and worldwide specifications.

Our team aim to innovate, together with our ability to make, customise, and being actually able to provide just about anything from 5mm to 320mm polypropylene webbing-provides us a distinctive advantage. It creates us a global one-stop polypropylene webbing solutions partner for a diverse range of industries and applications.

custom polypropylene webbing

Personalized polypropylene webbing, established and manufactured in our factory to your precise specifications, making sure reliable quality polypropylene webbing for all your commercial applications.

Product name
Custom Polypropylene Tape PP Webbing For Bag Straps
1/2″, 3/4″,7/8″, 1″, 1.25″,1.5″, 2″
Pantone color
Jacquard, woven, heat transfer printing
Handbag, tote straps, binders, hangers, bundled package weave
Custom Polypropylene Tape PP Webbing For Bag Straps
  • Economical
  • Lightweight contrasted to other heavy duty webbings
  • Very little extent
  • Drifts in water
  • Absorbs minimum volume of water
  • Slick to the palm


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What is polypropylene webbing strap?

Polypropylene webbing strap is actually constructed from polypropylene material, widely used for outdoor tasks, like camping, boating, and so on. Used as bag, luggage, freight straps, crafts, and a lot more.

Is there any advantages of the polypropylene webbing strap?

Water-proof, suited for outdoor use; Durable, higher stamina, wear protection; Portable and easy to operate.

What should we observe?

You can utilize a lighter to melt the rough edge of the polypropylene webbing to keep it from unraveling after removing a piece; The size is measured by manual, feel free to allow the error +/ -0.1 in before buying.

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