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knitted tapes are a great way to get a unique look and as a branding to market products. If you need fancy knitted tapes with more widths or designs, Angelaccs is your first choice.

Knitted tapes

Durability, high performance, lower cost are all properties of knitted tapes’ overall impression, which is soft and stretchable. The knitted tape material is anti aging, anti-oxidation, non fading, and odorless. It is made of various materials, including cotton, polyester, polyamide, rayon viscose, wool, guaranteed for existence.

Knitted webbing tapes are fresh and refined, simple designs that look perfect on accenting clothing and other apparel. It can also be personalized with various designs, knits, patterns and lengths to suit the varying industrial requirements. Match your brand style like custom-made, made-to-order knitted webbing tapes created by our skilled craftsmen dedicated to your complete pleasure. Please feel free to call or email us with inquiries or custom orders.

Product By Sizes

40mm knit tape

Knit tape is made of 100% polyester yarn- yarn dyed knit tape. It feels thin, soft and smooth to the touch, perfact for various purposes such as collar tape, waist straps, and hoodie straps.

rainbow knit tape

Knit tapes are utilized to avoid stretching or also give a bit of rebound and assistance to the stretched material.

Product By Features (5)

Product Feature Box


Send us your mockup, logo or an image, or use our free design services. We will supply you with design consulting, printing outs and also tech stuffs before sampling.


Weaving your eyesight to life.
We deliver a full sampling service making certain that our company have satisfied all your projects needs before creation.

project management
Project Management

Ensuring quality and delivering your products on opportunity.
Coming from beginning to end, your personalized job will be taken care of by your very own project manager.

shelf ready
Shelf Ready

Acquiring textiles ready for show can easily be both challenging and time consuming. Consequently we deliver your creations packaged and “shelf ready”.

Knitted Tape Machines

Knitted tape is developed due to the interlocking of warp and weft loops. The loops developed due to the thread are entwined with one another. Knitting machines are generally classified as weft knitting knitting, warp knitting and circular knitting machines. The guideline is the same as that of hand knitting, except that the weaving needles are actually worked consistently via the device, and the looping steps such as hooking and locking are completed by machines to make knitted fabrics. Nowadays, a growing number of stitches, including Plain Stich, Purl Stich, Tuck Stich, Miss Stich, etc, have actually been developed to grow the sorts of knitted tapes, and also the production effciency has been greatly boosted too. Like the webbing shuttle loom, the tape knitting device is smaller than textile knitting machine, tape knitting machine’s creation efficiency is high and also it carries out not take up area.

knitted tape machine
knitted tape

Product Details


  • Selecting the exquisite materials – soft and skin freindly, durable, using a variety of selected raw materials, such as polyester, mercerized cotton, nylon, polyester cotton and other materials.
  • Fine workmanship –  full materials, great texture, made of excellent yarn, to avoid off-line.
  • Bright color – multi colors options, plentiful colors, can be customized according to your needs.

Why Choose Angelaccs to Customize Your Knitted Tape

knitted tape workshop
packaging workshop

Angelaccs is remarkable among  the primary knitted tape manufacturers In China. Our team use the proper grade of basic material and also advanced equipment to produce our textiles. Thousands of clients all over the nation understand that our team give unique focus to every tiny detail of our products which is actually the main reason that they haven’t gone anywhere since they took care of us for the very first time. We persuit 100% customer satisfaction and we strive to achieve that goal. You will find intricate patterns and elegant designs on the tapes that are delivered by us, because our team of skilled employees has an eye for detail.

Webbing Strip Knitted Tape for Different Industries

trouser side stripe

Trouser side stripe tape is with characteristic vivid stripes. It mixes properly with various materials, so you can sew it into garments and accessories.

skirt side stripe

Knitted tape is perfect as seams in sportswear. You can sew it into skirts. Suitable for decorating garments and accessories.

sweatshirt knitted tape

Give the sweatshirts  a fashionable touch. Ideal for adding stripe details to trousers, shoulder, arms or even headbands!

knitting tape workshop

20 Years of Experience in Knitted Tape

Product Name High Quality Webbing Strip, Customized Design Supported,  Oem Supported
Material  Lurex, Polyester , Cotton, and Nylon Yarn
Size 1/8″(3mm), 1/4″(7mm), 3/8″(10mm),  5/8″(15mm), 3/4″(19mm), 1″(25mm), 1-1/4″(32mm), 1-1/2″(38mm) and 2″ (50mm) Other Size can be customized
Color Multi-Color Provided
Technics Jacquard Woven, Printed, Embressed
Logo Silkscreen Printing, Heat-Transfer Printing, Jacquard And Embroidery
Feature OEM , Eco-Friendly, High Tenacity
Texture Soft and Comfortable, with a Soft Feel
Usage  Apparel, Fashion accessories, Gifts & Crafts, Home & Garden, Shoes, Textiles, Jewelry, Eyewear, Toys, Hobbies
Manufacturing Process Yarn Dyeing
Certification All Products Have Passed CE,ROHS And SGS Test To Get Certification
  • “These knitted flat tapes are much nicer than pictured. We sewed it around the edge of uniforms and it was a perfect addition! The trim was delicate, high-quality, and exactly what as I hoped.”

  • “Knitted tapes were exactly what I needed, at the best price point, and delivered incredibly fast. I couldn’t have requested for anything more. Thank you!”

  • “Splendid experience and fantastic seller! High quality and hard to find trim at an amazing price.”

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